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It is amazing how just a simple little line of code that everyone on the planet already knows about can make a simple site into a streamlined browsing experience.

<iframe src=”” width=960 height=960 frameborder=”0″>

With that single string I can stitch together multiple disjointed bits of webpage into one master container.  And I know what some of you are saying…  “Well duh, why ain’t you been doing that stuff all along stupid?”  Well I’m learning this crap as I go along so get off my butt about it!

Anyway, using an inline frame I was able to cram my phpbb and chat script into wordpress pages so that they will be integrated seamlessly (more or less) into it.

Now to get all of the other loose index pages and scripts just floating around into this.  Ah, so much to do.

I have a new live chat feature up and running on the site.  You just need to login with your forum username and password.  If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here.  Be patient because I have to authenticate each user manually so it might take a few hours till I notice a request coming in.  This helps to keep down the bots.  I only a few of you out there and only like a couple out of that few.  But by all means, beg for my acceptance to my glorious site forums and chat.  Thats it, grovel you worms.