I had been standing by my AVG for the last few years now, but it has recently let me down.  I’m not talking about the free version, but the full blown subscription one.  Before that it was Mcafee, but they have never gotten their enterprise edition to run worth a crap with Vista.  Oddly enough my latest pick goes to Microsoft Security Essentials.

I picked up a case of AV.exe because AVG for whatever reason just didn’t see a problem with a bit of java script changing my registry settings on what program opened .exe files.  That’s right, every time an executable was fired off this fake anti-virus trojan would get kicked off and not the .exe that was clicked.  Easy enough to remove once I figured out what it was doing, but you would expect something that had the programming complication of a board with a nail in it would be easily ignored by AVG.  It was so obviously a virus too, like it was Superman with glasses so everyone thought it was just Clark Kent.  WTF is up with that?

Anyway, long story short is that if you need some good ol’ fashioned antivirus that will just get rid of viruses and not be all up in your face I am officially giving MSE a thumbs up.  Might have to make a “Dojo Stamp of Approval” for these endorsements.