I ordered some blank 6-sided dice so I can start prototyping how the new action dice should look.  With the current system mechanics they require some nonstandard dice for the whole thing to work properly.  That, and it is just cooler looking.  So far I have settled on how the action dice work, but still on the fence a bit as to exactly how to represent each action type from this point on.  I have an icon set for each action type and all but might still tweak it out a bit so that each roll is easily recognized as to what is going on.  Not using numbers or letters but instead a set of icons the represent each action type, the hard part is making universally identifiable symbols for meta-verbs or whatever you would like to call them.

Once I nail down exactly how it should look from then on, I’ll see about having some made up professionally.  And if all works out then I might start selling action dice sets for use in the Grim Reality Universal Game System.  I’ll have more details as I get to it.