I’m trying to get back to getting the GRUGS written out again.  To do this I am working up the old mini-game of “Gutter Run” to work out the basic game mechanics.  In case you don’t recall or didn’t get to play it…


Gutter Run is played with 2 or more players and preferably a rules referee.

  The idea is a simple one…

  • Make an adventurer that takes part in a sportsman like competition for swag and fame.
  • Enter into a pit, maze, dungeon, castle, catacomb, or other Gygax inspired arena of doom.
  • Get the treasure, artifact, token, crystal skull, +10 sword of slaying, or stated goal of the race.
  • Get out of the dungeon with the treasure to win.
  • Do all of the above any way you can…  Rules are for fairies (either persuasion).
  • There is also, hardly any and not worth mentioning, betting involved with these games.

If all goes well I will get a basic (real basic) game mechanic on this soon (whenever that is).  If you have subscribed you can peak a bit in the “In Development” area.