Still kicking around ideas and stuff.  So far this is becoming a very tight and tactical system.  I just need to work out some concept labeling and how to not confuse people with what I am rambling on about.

I think I might have the 3 action dice icons lined out.

posi Posi- Used for the players active phase.  Represents positive actions and being at a tactical advantage. Worth 100 points.



equa Equa- Used for the players inactive phase. Represents reactive actions and being equal tactically. Worth 10 points.



negi Negi- Used for special abilities and such for either play phase.  Represents focus or being at a disadvantage. Worth 1 point.



Still open to suggestions on the icons.  Wanted to go with a theme that didn’t have any specific game setting or culture.  Something that was easy to distinguish from one another, but looked like they go together visually.  Also had to look cool and nothing like anything else out there.  Using some universal concepts like play, pause, and stop kind of ideas.  Anyway, I think they look cool.