Gutter Run

on January 8, 2011 in GRUGS, Gutter Run

  I’m trying to get back to getting the GRUGS written out again.  To do this I am working up the old mini-game of “Gutter Run” to work out the basic game mechanics.  In case you don’t recall or didn’t get to play it…


Gutter Run is played with 2 or more players and preferably a rules referee.

  The idea is a simple one…

  • Make an adventurer that takes part in a sportsman like competition for swag and fame.
  • Enter into a pit, maze, dungeon, castle, catacomb, or other Gygax inspired arena of doom.
  • Get the treasure, artifact, token, crystal skull, +10 sword of slaying, or stated goal of the race.
  • Get out of the dungeon with the treasure to win.
  • Do all of the above any way you can…  Rules are for fairies (either persuasion).
  • There is also, hardly any and not worth mentioning, betting involved with these games.

If all goes well I will get a basic (real basic) game mechanic on this soon (whenever that is).  If you have subscribed you can peak a bit in the “In Development” area.

Blog Registration

on November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

I finally got a proper blog registration and login working. Now you kiddies can easily log on to the blog to add your smart-ass comments to the blog entries. FYI, if you have registered on the forums you will still need to register on the blog over here—>

The blog and forums are separate things and use their own access scripts. Might change that in the future, but no real need to just yet.

Otherwise all we have is Mr. Punchman making his comments like once every 4 months or something like that.

Work in Progress

on October 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

I added a WIP section to the site to show off some of the 2d and 3d stuff I am working on but never show to anyone.  Overall it is probably not a smart idea to just waste all the doodles and renders I work out so why not show them off a bit so you all can remind me how crappy I actually am, lol.

Currently I am working on some base characters in Sculptris.  The first is of Lazra here.  Sculptris might still be in alpha state, but it does a great job of interpreting what I want to get done with my art.  Very little 3d and for that matter 2d art programs actually cater to the artist that uses them.  Working out technical difficulties while trying to work puts a serious damper on creativity.  I just so hate having to make compromises with my work because of the limitations of the software I am using.  It is just a fact of life unfortunately that to get what you want you have to figure out a work flow from program to program just to get a model or picture done just right because no one software can do it all.  But I gotta say that Sculptris is on the right track to accomplishing most of what I need it to do.

It is amazing how just a simple little line of code that everyone on the planet already knows about can make a simple site into a streamlined browsing experience.

<iframe src=”” width=960 height=960 frameborder=”0″>

With that single string I can stitch together multiple disjointed bits of webpage into one master container.  And I know what some of you are saying…  “Well duh, why ain’t you been doing that stuff all along stupid?”  Well I’m learning this crap as I go along so get off my butt about it!

Anyway, using an inline frame I was able to cram my phpbb and chat script into wordpress pages so that they will be integrated seamlessly (more or less) into it.

Now to get all of the other loose index pages and scripts just floating around into this.  Ah, so much to do.

Live Chat

on September 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have a new live chat feature up and running on the site.  You just need to login with your forum username and password.  If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here.  Be patient because I have to authenticate each user manually so it might take a few hours till I notice a request coming in.  This helps to keep down the bots.  I only a few of you out there and only like a couple out of that few.  But by all means, beg for my acceptance to my glorious site forums and chat.  Thats it, grovel you worms.