I’m working on making a fairly hi-rez model of my character Lazra.  This is for some base reference in the future of what she (and other character models to come) looks like, and because it is just darn right fun to do.

In this set so far I have only had time to work out the upper torso and a little bit on the arms.  I’ll still need to put some reference sketches I had done over the years up for comparison.  In a nutshell she is an insane undead (vampire) marauder who had died in her late teens.  The first and foremost thing I am trying to push across is despite what you had seen in the Twilight moves, vampires ain’t very sexy.  In most cases in my art and stories a vampire is noting more than a well preserved zombie.  In Lazra’s case here she is little more than just a skeleton with some skin draped over her.  This is due to her age before she had became undead, and that all the bodies fatty areas waste away to nothing for vampires.  She also has very little regard for herself or anyone around her so it is not like she cleans herself up a lot for any occasion.

I will post more screen shot updates as I get time to work on them.